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Summer BBQ

Who doesn’t love a good barbeque?!  My sweet & crafty friend Whitney hosted a fun BBQ a few weeks ago.  I put together the chalkboards and flower arrangements.  With all of her cute lanterns & burlap, the evening’s decor turned out perfect! Details & pictures are below!

For more information on chalkboards or flowers for your event, email me at felicityflorist@gmail.com.

Because the BBQ was in the backyard, we made this fun chalkboard for the front porch!
BBQ Chalkboard

Out back, we set up tables with burlap runners, chevron fabric squares, lanterns, candles, and mason-jar flower arrangements. It set the perfect mood for a Summer-evening BBQ!
BBQ Tables


On the food table, we listed the menu on a large chalkboard so the guests would know their options, and it added some fun decor!
BBQ Menu Chalkboard

Before the food was served, we filled these bowls with BBQ sauce. Such a cute idea for labeling things at a party or shower!
BBQ Sauce Chalkboards

To tie off the evening, Whitney ordered these cute bags to put the silverware and napkins in. You can find them at Miss Pickles Press on Etsy.
Silverware/Napkin Holders for BBQ


Fabric & Bunting Pennant Banner

It has been super busy here lately! I’ve been doing lots of projects but have had no time to post anything. Last month, my crafty-friend Kristen (from the Rainbow Candy Land Birthday post) came over, and we sewed a fabric & bunting banner for her daughter’s new “toddler” room. And, oh my! I loved it so much that I feel like all of my friends need to have little girls so we can make tons of these! 🙂

Pictures of the banner are below along with a few pictures of the other decor in the room. I loved Kristen’s idea to put fabric in cross-stich hoops. The birds, milk glass, and vintage box tied it all together!

Visit the Glorious Treats blog post How to Make a Fabric Bunting for step-by-step instructions. The fabric and bedding featured were ordered from Carousel Designs.

Fabric & Bunting Pennant Banner

Fabric & Bunting Pennant Banner

Fabric & Bunting Pennant Banner

Cross-stich Hoops with Fabric

Vintage Decor

Milk Glass

Christmas Mantle

I thought that since most of us will be spending the weekend after Thanksgiving shopping & decorating for Christmas, I would post our new Christmas Mantle!

Christmas Mantle

I made the garland several years ago with the cheapest, skimpiest garland I could find at Hobby Lobby. I added lights, berries, floral picks, and Christmas balls. It’s amazing how much cheaper it is when you make your own!

I also made the glitter trees. I used poster board, Modge Podge, & glitter. These cost $1.50 to make versus $10-$20 each they cost at the store. I apologize that I do not have any pictures to go with the DIY instructions. I was covered half in glitter & didn’t want to get it all over my camera lens! 🙂

To make the trees: Purchase poster board in whatever color you ware wanting to glitter the trees. (I used white for the silver one.) You can also “cheat” here by covering white poster board in colored paper that matches your glitter. Twist your poster board into a cone shape and hot-glue the seam. Then, paint about 4″ of the cone with Modge Podge and press it in glitter. I took a Rubbermaid tub lid and a piece of wax paper, poured the glitter on it, then rolled my cone in the glitter. Next, repeat painting Modge Podge on the next 4″ and rolling it in glitter until you are completely finished. You do not have to, but once they dry, you can spray them with Ceramic Sealer (found at Hobby Lobby) so the glitter doesn’t get all over your house!


Glitter Trees

Glitter Trees & Presents

Christmas Mantle

Christmas Mantle

Initial Christmas Balls

Hi, everyone! Today I made another super-easy Christmas craft:  Initial Christmas Balls.  They are perfect for doing the initial for your last name, your kids’ first names, or a monogram.

I had a few vinyl monograms left over from our wedding (over 3 years ago!).  They were just sitting around on a shelf, so I thought I would use them.  If you do not have a vinyl cut-out machine, you can always go to the craft store and just grab a package of stickers!

Initial Ornaments DIY

Supplies: glitter, empty glass ornaments (I purchased mine on the craft aisle at Hobby Lobby), and stickers/vinyl cut outs.

Initial Ornament Supplies

Next, I stuck the letters on my Christmas balls, then filled them with glitter.  It took 10 minutes to make all 3!

Initial Ornaments DIY

Initial Ornaments DIY

Initial Ornaments DIY

Initial Ornaments DIY

Merry Christmas Sign

Well, I have recently been terrible about updating the blog on a weekly basis.  Things have been very busy here!  With the holidays coming up, I promise to be posting more!  I spent the day yesterday crafting in my new craft room.  More posts to come!

The first thing I made was a super-easy Merry Christmas sign.  It’s also super-cheap to make!  Here are the details:

Merry Christmas Sign diy!

You need just over 6′ of a 2″x4″ board.  I cut mine into the following pieces:  4- 6″, 4- 4.5″, 3- 5.25″, 3- 5.5″ and arranged them on top of each other.


I then took scrapbooking paper and covered them using Modge Podge.  I chose 5 different designs. Pick out similar paper that goes with your theme!  I painted a layer of glue on the wood, put the paper down, and then painted another layer of glue on top.  (Prior to this, you can always paint your blocks a color.  I left mine natural & am happy without this extra step.)


While my blocks dried, I cut out “Merry Christmas” using stencils from Michaels. I cut them out on white card stock,  painted them with Modge Podge, and pressed them into silver glitter.  (Use wax paper for applying your Modge Podge and drying the letters…it will save you tons of heartache!)


Last, I glued the letters onto the wooden blocks using Tacky Glue.

These are perfect for your mantle, above your TV, on an accent table, or even on your dining room table!

Merry Christmas Sign diy!

Merry Christmas Sign diy!

Pennant Banner

This chip-board pennant banner is super easy to make, & you can change the fabric strips based on the event you are hosting. For a baby shower, change them to light blue or pink. For a birthday party, use primary colors. For the example below, I used fall colors for a fall-themed couple’s wedding shower.

I picked up the chip-board pennants & chip-board letters at Hobby Lobby, then painted the chip board letters green. I used Elmer’s School Glue to glue the letters onto the pennants once they dried. Last, I threaded jute rope through the pennants and tied on the fabric strips with basic knots. (This way they are easy to untie later.)

You can hang the banner above a table or from your mantle & enjoy!

Below are a few pictures. A special thanks to Kendall S. for the idea!

Congrats Banner from Mantle

Congrats Banner 1

Congrats Banner 2

Congrats Banner 3

Congrats Banner