Rainbow Candy Land Birthday

First, thank you so much, Jessica, for asking me to write a blog post about Aubrey’s 1st birthday party! I am honored that you asked. The theme for my daughter’s 1st birthday party was a Rainbow Candy Land. Aubrey loves bright colors so it only seemed fitting that we went with a rainbow, and I loved Candy Land growing up so I wanted to throw that in there. I wanted to craft as much of the decorations as possible to give it a DIY feel, which I think gives a party more character. I hope you enjoy Aubrey’s birthday pictures! –Kristen

I think the dessert table is the main focal point for a kid’s party so we had an amazing Candy Land cake made by Society Bakery.
Candy Land Cake

A Candy Land party wouldn’t be completed without a candy bar so I went for the brightest colored candy I could find.
Birthday Candy Bar

I made frosted sugar cookies in rainbow colors and sprinkled edible glitter on them. You can’t see the glitter in the picture but the kids loved it!

I made a rainbow pennant for the front of the table and added balloons behind the table.
Candy Land Theme Birthday

I absolutely love pictures so I made a giant 1 from pictures taken throughout Aubrey’s first year.

I found amazing candy decorations in the Christmas department at Hobby Lobby and hung them up throughout the house. Behind the food table I made a huge dum dum lollipop centerpiece. It took a long time (& about 300 dum dums) to make but was worth it. For Aubrey’s name, I took cheap cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby and covered them in scrapbook paper.

One of my favorite decorations was the rainbow tissue paper garland that we hung from the mantle. It was so fun to make and it’s actually currently hanging in Aubrey’s closet. I also made a large 1 and covered it in purple glitter. Like I mentioned, I love pictures so I added a few frames to the mantle with pictures of Aubrey when she was younger. One of the guest favorites was a chalkboard print that I found on Etsy (Pickle Noodle Boutique). It listed all of Aubrey’s favorite things and accomplishments.
Rainbow Banner

I made Aubrey’s smash cake and inside it was layered with rainbow colors. I wish I would have taken a picture when we cut into it because it was gorgeous!
Rainbow Smash Cake

Rainbow Smash Cake

A few extras…




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