Merry Christmas Sign

Well, I have recently been terrible about updating the blog on a weekly basis.  Things have been very busy here!  With the holidays coming up, I promise to be posting more!  I spent the day yesterday crafting in my new craft room.  More posts to come!

The first thing I made was a super-easy Merry Christmas sign.  It’s also super-cheap to make!  Here are the details:

Merry Christmas Sign diy!

You need just over 6′ of a 2″x4″ board.  I cut mine into the following pieces:  4- 6″, 4- 4.5″, 3- 5.25″, 3- 5.5″ and arranged them on top of each other.


I then took scrapbooking paper and covered them using Modge Podge.  I chose 5 different designs. Pick out similar paper that goes with your theme!  I painted a layer of glue on the wood, put the paper down, and then painted another layer of glue on top.  (Prior to this, you can always paint your blocks a color.  I left mine natural & am happy without this extra step.)


While my blocks dried, I cut out “Merry Christmas” using stencils from Michaels. I cut them out on white card stock,  painted them with Modge Podge, and pressed them into silver glitter.  (Use wax paper for applying your Modge Podge and drying the letters…it will save you tons of heartache!)


Last, I glued the letters onto the wooden blocks using Tacky Glue.

These are perfect for your mantle, above your TV, on an accent table, or even on your dining room table!

Merry Christmas Sign diy!

Merry Christmas Sign diy!


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