Pennant Banner

This chip-board pennant banner is super easy to make, & you can change the fabric strips based on the event you are hosting. For a baby shower, change them to light blue or pink. For a birthday party, use primary colors. For the example below, I used fall colors for a fall-themed couple’s wedding shower.

I picked up the chip-board pennants & chip-board letters at Hobby Lobby, then painted the chip board letters green. I used Elmer’s School Glue to glue the letters onto the pennants once they dried. Last, I threaded jute rope through the pennants and tied on the fabric strips with basic knots. (This way they are easy to untie later.)

You can hang the banner above a table or from your mantle & enjoy!

Below are a few pictures. A special thanks to Kendall S. for the idea!

Congrats Banner from Mantle

Congrats Banner 1

Congrats Banner 2

Congrats Banner 3

Congrats Banner



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